Come, share in the joy!  There is GREAT joy in families coming together to learn about their faith and live it out as the Body of Christ!

We strive to live as families in faith, joining together as a parish family in faith.  Every member of St. Pius X parish is included regardless of age, family structure, vocation, or choice of school system.  All members possess different gifts and talents; all intended to build up the Body of Christ.  As a community we are responsible for passing on our faith to the infants, children and youth of our parish.  That means we must be continuously forming and growing in our faith, so that we possess a living faith to pass on to future generations.  Our U.S. Bishops have spoken to this more than once.  The following quote from their 1999 document Our Hearts Were Burning Within Us, paragraphs #2-5, explains their challenge and expectation of our faith community very well.  (You can obtain a copy of the document in its entirety through our parish office or byclicking here.)



Your Family . . . . . who are you in the Church?  Who are you in the eyes of Jesus?  What does the Church expect of my family?   What does it mean for my family to be DOMESTIC CHURCH?  Does it mean we have to be perfect?  How does the Catholic Church offer my family support and guidance?

SO . . . . .  On THAT Note . . . . . We want YOU, your family AND your friends to join us —  

  • to love and support each other on our journey to Christ,
  • to learn about our Catholic faith, the Bible, and the life of Jesus,
  • to live our faith in action and service to God’s people!!

Sign up NOW!  Returning families……… New families ………. Singles ……… Young Adults ……… Grandparents ……….. EVERYONE!!  Here is everything you need.


In order to be compliant with the Safe Environment Policies of the Diocese of Owensboro you will need to:

› complete the online training [linked below], 

› turn in a completed background check, with a copy of the front of your license

› sign an adult code of conduct 

› sign an acknowledgment that you nave received the updated copy of the Safe Environment Policy, 

› and fill out an adult medical form. 

All the links you need are included here.  When completed please turn in to Vicki or Joe at the Parish Office.

Safe Environment Online Training


Click on the icon to access the online training required.  Create an account.  Complete the training.  Copy and turn in the certificate of completion at the end.  Thanks for taking this step to help make our environment safe for everyone!!

I am so excited that we are a part of Families in Faith!    [My husband] is going to teach … while I dig deeper into my faith! I’m so excited!  I know everyone stays busy. We are just making this part of our crazy life!

I love the community building that is taking place.  I feel closer to my church family.  I also feel that I am learning to connect on a deeper level.

The variety of programs gives an opportunity for more people to participate.

I am so proud to say that I go to St. Pius X, mainly for the faith formation that can be found there!

 I love the community
gathering before
breaking out into groups!