A structured program for ALL ages will be offered on Sunday mornings between the Masses.  It will run from Sunday September 13th until May 22.  We begin in the parish hall with coffee and donuts directly after the 8 a.m. Mass until 10:40 a.m. (just in time for 11 a.m. Mass!)


Upon dismissal to age group sessions, childcare is available for infants through age 3 in an area we call KIDZONE. You will find at least 2 child caregivers for the smallest children.  You will also find at least one volunteer prepared to lead faith based activities with the 2-3 year olds.  Materials from Our Sunday Visitor Publishing Company entitled Allelu! will be used, together with a mixture of toys, music and videos.

Sessions for preschool (4 year olds) and kindergarten students will use materials from Our Sunday Visitor entitled Allelu.  You can learn more about it by watching the short video to the right!!



Sessions for students in grades 1-7 will use materials also from Our Sunday Visitor entitled Alive in Christ.   You can learn more about the program by watching the video to the left.


Confirmation Group

Confirmation groupwill continue with the youth in grades 8 & 9 who have been in formation for a whole year already.  The program will be multi-faceted, and lots of fun!!  It is described in full on the Confirmation page of this website.  Click here to go there and check out the amazing things these youth  will take part in during this formation.

The High School program will be presented to grades 10 – 12.  The overarching goal for the High School faith formation program is to help connect the dots that the youth have learned in grade school faith formation, as well as Confirmation.  We will be using different components throughout the year to help take the knowledge previously obtained, and expand on that, while also offering them programs to make their Catholic faith their own.  We all have a place in church as a whole; we can get there individually by diving into our faith in a community of like minded souls!