The 1960’s

The 1960's saw many changes in the parish as it continued to grow.  St. Pius was privileged to host the dinner and reception for the newly consecrated Bishop Henry J. Soenneker in the spring of 1961.  In 1962 the rectory was built and Fr. Wilson was able to move out of the school and into his new home.  In that year, Mr. Andy Reynolds was asked by Fr. Wilson to work on the establishment of a  baseball program.  Under Mr. Reynolds leadership, St. Pius became the first parish in Owensboro and Daviess County to offer a sports program in their elementary school.  The first Catholic League began with teams from eight different Catholic grade schools.  Fr. Wilson reached out for help from his Navy buddies and equipment arrived, all sized for men.  With one field, Coco-Cola bats and shirts with hand-sewn emblems, the team began it's first season.  Parents and supporters brought Popcorn and Kool-Aid to sell as a fundraiser at the games.  The first sports trophy was won in 1963 when the team went undefeated, 14-0. Later in this decade, the sports program expanded to basketball.

Boy Scout Troop 120 was organized and officially established in 1965.  Scoutmasters Gene Bickwermert and John Froehlich guided the many activities of the boys.  Their work and the work of  subsequent Scoutmasters have produced over 31 Eagle Scouts.  It remains one of the strongest and longest chartered troops in the district. 

Fr. George Boehmicke became the second pastor of St. Pius X in 1963.  Under his direction, the west wing of the school was constructed in 1964.  In 1966, Fr. Clarence Pettet succeeded Fr. Boehmicke and he initiated the drive that began to make St. Pius X "a Tithing Parish".  It proved to be very successful, both financially and spiritually.  With the Bishop's approval, a Finance Committee was organized in 1966.  In keeping with Vatican II, the church was remodeled in 1967.  The altar was placed in the center of the sanctuary and the pastor said Mass facing the congregation for the first time.  During the 60's our parish continued to grow and prosper.  Many new organizations were formed: the Credit Union, the Legion of Mary, the Teen Club, CCD, the 4-H, the Athletic Association, and several others that dealt with all phases of parish life.

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